The Military Balance 2017

Pengarang : The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IIS)

Penerbit : Routledge, London

Tahun : 2017

Jumlah : 1

Sinopsis : The Military Balance 2017 includes new equipment analysis graphics, a wall chart comparing US forces in Europe in 1989 and 2017 and essays on the changing defence-industrial landscape, special-operations forces, and twenty-first-century challenges to twentieth-century deterrence. The Military Balance is the annual IISS assessment of the military capabilities and defence economics of 171 countries. Detailed A–Z entries list each country’s military forces, personnel numbers, equipment inventories and significant defence economic data. Regional and country texts assess the principal factors driving defence policy as well as military capability and procurement, and defence economics. The opening graphics section displays notable defence statistics, while additional data sets detail selected arms orders and military exercises, as well as comparative defence expenditure and personnel numbers. The Military Balance is an indispensable handbook for anyone conducting serious analysis of security policy and military affairs. New Features in The Military Balance 2017: Complementing its regional military analysis, the book carries detailed assessments of defence developments in China – with vignettes on PLA reform and military training; Russia – where the The Military Balance continues its assessment of Russia’s military modernisation; as well as France, the UK and the US. There are also features on Argentina, Eritrea, the Nordic states, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam, among others. New thematic texts analysing the changing defence-industrial landscape, special-operations forces and twenty-first-century challenges to twentieth-century deterrence. A new Military Balance Wall Chart, focused on US forces in Europe in 1989 and 2017. New graphics analysing significant military platforms, including on the United States’ Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier, Russia’s Almaz Antey S-400 (SA-21Growler) air-defence system and the British Army’s new Ajax armoured reconnaissance vehicles. Updated comparative defence statistics section, with graphics showing key data relating to defence economics and major land, sea and air capabilities. Updated and extended summaries of national military capability, at the start of each country entry. Updated assessment of forces and equipment for selected non-state armed groups. An updated and extended table of military training exercises, arranged by region. Updated entries relating to national cyber capabilities. An extended selection of new maps, graphics and tables, including China’s new theatre commands, the maintenance plans and availability of US Navy aircraft carriers, Russia’s potential missile capability in Kaliningrad, the global distribution of main battle tanks in 2016, selected unmanned maritime systems in service and operational totals of military ISR satellites. Additional content featuring analysis of Afghanistan, Central Asia, Iran and Israel included in the online and digital download versions.